Great Repeal Bill White Paper published

30 March 2017

The day after the Prime Minister triggered Article 50, a White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill was published, setting out the Government’s approach to converting existing EU law into domestic law on the day we leave the European Union.

Elizabeth Tower

The paper aims to give maximum legal certainty for businesses, workers and investors and sets out how the Great Repeal Bill will deliver a smooth and orderly exit, by:

  • repealing the European Communities Act 1972 — returning power to UK elected representatives and institutions;
  • converting EU law into domestic law at the point of departure — giving certainty and allowing any changes to be made in a sensible, timely and considered fashion; and
  • correcting EU law that will not function as it is converted into UK law — ensuring the statute book operates effectively.

This process will ensure that the same rules and laws will apply after we leave the EU as they did before, from the moment we leave. After the UK has left the EU and sovereignty has returned to the UK Parliament, it will be able to decide which elements of law to keep, change or repeal.

Visit GOV.UK to read more about the Great Repeal Bill

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