A stronger economy

We will build a stronger economy where everyone plays by the same rules.

As a Government, we have achieved a lot over the last six years – getting the deficit down, delivering a record numbers of jobs, taking the lowest-paid out of tax, and bringing in the National Living Wage – but there is more to do.

The Government’s Plan for Britain seeks to:

  • continue to bring the deficit down so that the country lives within its means, taking a balanced approach so we also make sure we invest where and when it is needed
  • introduce a modern industrial strategy to encourage and support the key sectors of our economy, providing more opportunities for young people to find high-quality, high-skilled work, and spreading jobs, prosperity and opportunity around the whole country
  • help people with everyday costs and bills by acting to ensure consumer markets work in the way they should
  • crack down on individuals and businesses that abuse the system so that everyone – however big or small – plays by the same rules
  • protect and enhance workers’ rights, ensuring that in a modern, flexible economy people are properly protected at work.

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