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A global Britain

We will build a global Britain that is outward-looking and embraces the world.

Britain is a great, global, trading nation – one of the world’s largest economies, with strong and fruitful relationships with countries around the world. As we leave the EU, we will embrace the world and seek to build a global, outward-looking Britain that is confident on the world stage.

The Government’s Plan for Britain seeks to:

  • get on with the job of delivering Brexit, striking the right deal for Britain abroad and forging a new partnership with Europe that gives us control of our borders and our laws
  • help us trade beyond Europe and make Britain a leading advocate for free trade across the world, as we build on our relationships with old friends and new allies
  • continue to meet our commitments by supporting developing countries to help them improve their economies and support their people
  • support our armed forces as they keep our country safe and secure
  • shape decisions across the globe and work to make the world a safer place as we stand up for British values and interests in every part of the world.

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