A fairer society

We will build a fairer society where success is based on merit, not privilege.

We have started to rebalance our society in favour of ordinary working people, but now need to do more to turn Britain into a union where success is defined by work and talent, not birth or circumstance.

The Government’s Plan for Britain seeks to:

  • provide access to a good school place for every child – one that gives them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future
  • ensure there is control of immigration so that it serves the national interest and is fair to everyone who lives and works in this country
  • deliver one million new homes, so that more people have the chance to own or rent an affordable home of their own
  • continue to invest in the NHS to help people at every stage of their life and support a vital national institution
  • help people who can work get back into work so that our welfare system is fair to those who need it and fair to those who pay for it
  • tackle historic injustices, like racial and gender discrimination, that hold too many people back.

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